Starting Out:

Jessica Amlee grew up dreaming of playing make belief on screen. When she confided this to her mother, at age 5, they decided to make it a reality. Starting off, they realized acting was a much bigger process than anticipated. The auditions were constant but the outcome was farce. Jessica and her mother, decided to try one last audition, where she booked her first commercial. Sticking it out was a good decision. A lesson Jessica still follows today. Nothing worth while comes easy.

By the time Jessica was 11 years old, she had 50+ commercial credits to her name, which brought a lot of travel, fun and experience. She had broken through her expectations and was ready for bigger dreams.

Growing Up On Screen: 

Jessica started guest starring in a variety of different television shows, then slowly breaking her way in to the film industry; When, one audition changed her forcible future. Jessica booked the television series, Heartland, at age twelve. This would bring ten years of consistent, gratifying and hard work. Being a series regular for ten years, once again, exceeded her expectations of herself. Once again, she was ready for new objectives. 

The Craft

Jessica, decided to take back her love of acting by concentrating on her craft. Plays, books, movies, classes, studios and schools were now her main objective. Being able to focus on her instrument instead of production was a major break through. Also, having time to experience life as an individual only fueled her love for acting more. In this time she studied Meisner, Stanislavski, Hagen, Moss, Katselas, Shakespeare, Miller, T. Williams, etc..

Jessica, in this time, also preformed in improv troops and stand-up comedy. The Los Angeles comedy clubs became her new hobby. Yet, her love always came down to acting. 

The Journey Continues:

While living in LA, Jessica has been acting on everything from passion projects to Sony Productions, from Netflix Originals to Virtual Reality Series. With the odd indie, every now and then, to feed the soul.

Jessica wants her fans that grew up with her, to be the same fans to grow old with her. Since, her dreams keep getting bigger and her objectives keep evolving, she's in it for the long run. For the love of it.